Frequently Asked Questions

Every Vedasnest product comes with a distinct packaging and a detailed labelling that specifies its ideal shelf life. Shelf life largely depends on the type of product and its manufacturing nuances.

Well, while human body is a standardized phenomenon, its reactions, functioning and responses to different stimuli is exceedingly subjective to each individual.

Typically, it is difficult to pin-point the exact time given the inclusion of a multitude of parameters such as existing diet, lifestyle, sleeping pattern etc. It is also essential to note that the supplements work inside your body to slowly build immunity and bring its nutrition into balance and their 'results' may not always be 'explicit'.

All Vedasnest products, including Supplement Capsules/Gummy Bears are made up of clinically tested raw materials and a scientifically researched combination. Your body might react to their consumption in a way similar to how it reacts to any new food being introduced in your regular diet. The body will adjust to Vedasnest products almost immediately with a positive response in most cases.

However, every individual's reaction cannot be generalized. Some bodies are sensitive and might adopt a more gradual approach of adjusting to the new introduction in diet.

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